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  • Bunion Surgery: Orthopedist has patients back on their feet

    "Lapiplasty gives us an additional tool,” said Dr. Head, “utilizing a guide that allows the surgeon to correct the bony projections and toe spacing with consistent and precise results.” For patients with less severe bunions, Dr. Head uses the PROstep™ MICA™, a minimally invasive surgery developed by Wright Medical of Memphis, TN, that is performed with small three to five-millimeter incisions—compared to three to five-inch incisions used in traditional bunion surgery. The smaller incisions result in less pain, less soft tissue damage, and smaller scars. Read More

  • Dardanelle Regional Providing Antibody Therapy

    Dardanelle Regional Medical Center has begun offering monoclonal antibody therapy to the public. Read More

  • Former smoker passionate about helping others quit tobacco

    “Consultations with my clients are personal to me. I can relate to the struggles they are facing. Often, a patient will ask ‘have you ever smoked?’ When someone says no, sometimes the client begins to shut down,” said Anni Fuenmayor, a Tobacco Treatment Specialist with Conway Regional. “Because I can explain my own triggers and cravings, and talk about my cessation journey, it makes it easier for me to relate to what the patient is going through. I believe it helps them with their journey, knowing they are not alone.” Read More

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