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Community Health Needs Assessment

More than just providing healthcare services to those who are sick, we want to help our community live healthy lives.

Conway Regional Health System identified unmet community health needs for Faulkner county by conducting a Community Health Needs Assessment. To ensure we included persons with broad knowledge of the community, we worked in collaboration with a number of community and health organizations throughout the process.

The determination of community health needs took into account community demographics, socioeconomic factors, and health service utilization trends. Additionally, members of the community were polled through face-to-face interactions and an online survey.

Conway Regional will continue to utilize the assessment as a guide for providing programs and resources to address identified community health needs in support of the community and our mission. Community benefit programming at Conway Regional will continue to work in ways that are collaborative with the community and strive to improve the overall health.

Community Health Needs

Five major areas emerged from the qualitative and quantitative data as the primary health needs for our community:

  • Access to care
  • Smoking and vaping
  • Obesity
  • Chronic disease management and diabetes
  • Nutrition and exercise

Addressing all of these identified needs is important in order to build a healthier community, and we encourage everyone in the community, organizations, business leaders, and citizens to review these needs and help improve the health of Faulkner county.

Get Involved

Conway Regional acknowledges the importance of all identified health needs from the assessment. Because of the number of needs, Conway Regional cannot address all of them alone. We welcome community organizations, individuals and businesses to help improve the health of our community by joining with us to improve the health of Faulkner county.

For more information or to share your efforts to improve the health of the community please email [email protected].

Community Efforts

Smoking/drinking/drug Abuse

Healthcare affordability

Health education

    This is not an inclusive list of resources available in our community. As we become aware of more services, they will be added to the list. If you are a part of an organization or group within Faulkner County that is working toward impacting one of the identified needs, please email [email protected] and provide the name of the organization and a website or contact information.

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